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One of the things I love about Twitter is it enables me to stay in contact with the PHP community, and in particular the group of speaker I have come to know through PHP conferences. My friend Chris Shiflett tweeted about the “Ideas of March” calling for a revival of the blog as a form of communication for our community.

I am not sure I was ever a good contributor in this form. Jeff Moore always said his aggregator listed me as a “dinosaur” from the frequency of my posts. I stayed at home with my kids this week for spring break, and one thing I accomplished during this time was the migration of my home web and email servers to Rackspace and upgrading the software for this blog to something not as security ridden as what it had been.

As far as Twitter killing the Blogosphere, probably the story of it’s demise is greatly exaggerated. My personal blog revival will not be noticed in a sea of noise, but none the less, hopefully you can stay tuned for more updates with a bit more thought put into them than a tweet or a facebook status update in the future.

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  1. Comment by Dan Scott:

    I, for one, am happy to see you surface again and look forward to your next post (it’s probably been five years since I last saw you in person – heh). Geez, now _I_ feel pressured to post something PHP-related on my own blog…

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