Lost Download

Ages ago (it seems anyway, Feb 2003 timeframe), I wrote a book for Wrox ( PHP Graphics Handbook (Wrox) – ISBN: 1-86100-836-8 ). Wrox published it and then immediately went bankrupt. For a brief period of time they had the source code downloads for the first four chapters available on their web site as 8368_part1.zip. When I pointed out that my chapters were missing from the download, they replaced 8368_part1.zip with 8368_part2.zip instead of adding it as an additional file. I somehow failed to ever keep a copy of 8368_part1.zip. :(

Over the years, several people have tried to contact me regarding obtaining 8368_part1.zip. If anyone managed to download a copy and hold onto it, please email me a copy (jsweat_php AT yahoo DOT com).