Fixing RCA Lyra’s “File System Corrupted” error

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So I wanted to get a little more storage space on an MP3 player, and comes along and sends me a deal on a 4Gb RCA Lyra RD2762. I pick one up, get it Friday, load it up with 1.7Gb or so of MP3 files, and played a few tunes on it. My main system at home runs Gentoo Linux, and it was trivial to plug it into the USB port and mount /dev/hda for copying the files. I was fairly happy with my purchase at this point.

On Monday, I took it into work with me, tried to copy off some of the files onto another thumb drive I have there, and ended up with a “File System Corrupted” error.

That was it, the thing was dead in the water, you turn it on, it clicked and whirred for a while, displayed the “RCA” logo, and then the “File System Corrupted!” error :( . I figure maybe I can just reset the thing and it would reformat itself, the back says hold the power button off for 10 seconds to perform a reset. No dice. I Googled for some results, and get a bunch of tales of woe about sending the thing back to the manufacture for more than I paid for it in the first place. I was starting to think I should have been Googling this model before I bought it instead of now.

As a determined geek, I figured I could fix this thing by myself. I downloaded the manual, and found an interesting fact. If you hold down the Joystick control button while you plug in the USB cable, it automatically shifts to mass storage class (MSC) mode. Now I don’t actually have a clue what this means, but I suspected that was the mode which allowed me to format the drive. I did this, did an fdisk and set a single partition to type b (Win95 FAT32) (not sure if this step was actually required). I had to emerge dosfstools to get mkfs.vfat, then I did mkfs -t vfat -I /dev/sda, which formatted the drive. After this it fired back up as a blank drive, and I copied my 1.7Gb of MP3 files right back on to it. :)

Probably not a good solution for people not running Linux to begin with, but I would guess any self respecting distribution Live trial CD would probably have USB enabled and mkfs.vfat required to fix things up.

UPDATE 2007-12-04

I was out jogging when the screen on my Lyra froze. I was unable to recover it with any combination of efforts, and finally decided just to buy a replacement. I decided to switch to a flash based model, and after a bit of research selected the 8Gb Sansa player from Sandisk, which I have been pretty happy with overall. Good luck to everyone who still owns a RCA Lyra.


  1. Comment by Mike:

    I have the RD2765 with the same issue “File system corrupted”, I also downloaded the manual and tried to press the control joystick down while plugging in the USB. I get the following messages, connecting, transferring, then after a few moments get “Safe to disconnect”. Not sure if you ran into a similar issue, hoping you have some advise. Trying to deal with RCA customer serivce and tech team is a joke.


  2. Comment by admin:

    Hi Mike,

    I tried following the directions in the manual on a Windows XP system, and had no luck whatsoever. I was very glad I was able to fix it up from my linux box at home.

    What I mentioned at the bottom was trying to use a “live trial” CD. Many linux install CD’s will automatically boot up into a working linux system from the CD itself, and you could potentially use this to fix up your RCA Lyra. All you would have to do is download the live trial CD, burn it to a CD, reboot your computer to it, and then try to follow the steps I outlined in the blog post.

    Perhaps someone else will chime in who has had better luck following the manual directions under Windows.


  3. Comment by ron.v:

    i am on number 2 . bought it for my daughter . she came home and turned it on to find file system corrupted again. tried the steps in the manual [ the 60 page one i down loaded ] nothing worked . tryed to e-mail the tech people at rca . their site would not let me send it . still trying to fix .can not even find a phone number for them .will probably have to keep as a paper weight .

  4. Comment by Ron K.:

    I got one of these on Ebay, but it’s missing the drive. I’m trying to use a couple 256mb CF cards (branded Dane-Elec but show up as Tosh256M_CF cards on my XP machine) but the Lyra doesn’t recognize them. I tried a 96mb IBM branded card made by Apricorn, and the RCA sees the card, and my laptop sees the RCA now (didn’t with no card, or the 256mb) but if I try format it, it just says no drive installed.. I’ll have to try it with the Linux boot. CF cards are coming down, in price and up in capacity, so maybe I’ll get lucky. Thanks for the info. Ron

  5. Comment by Darryl:

    Same issue…because mine was refurbished RCA was unable to help, I did however get a phone numbe 1(866)449-7112 I hope this helps anyone who may have purchased one that was not reburbished… Still waiting on a windows fix…

  6. Comment by Adam:

    You are practically a life saver. I have to give you props for this. Been trying to fix my player for a while now, but couldn’t catch a break.

    However, I am not familiar with Linux whatsoever.

    I downloaded the ISO and burned it to CD. It runs perfectly. The only trouble is, I don’t know a tap about how to use the operating system.

    Any chance you could clue in on a bit more detail for us not so up to date folk?

  7. Comment by Shelly:

    I am a paralegal with the law firm of David P. Meyer & Associates Co., LPA. Our firm has been researching a potential class action case against RCA regarding an alleged defect resulting in “failure system corrupted” error messages or other failures during normal use. If you are experiencing this problem, and are willing to assist with our investigation, please contact me at 1-866-827-6537 or and fill out a form so that our firm can evaluate your situation.

  8. Comment by Angie:

    Hi, File System corrupter error. I have one RCA RD2763FMA, and suddenly it stops working. My lap doesn’t recognize the device so I can’t update the firmware. A friend of mine bought for me the Devide in USA, I live in Mexico :( i also receive the same message when push the joystick “safe to disconnect”. Is there anything that I can do?? cheers!

  9. Comment by Cindy:

    same here. got the file system corrupt.

  10. Comment by mario:

    dude i got the same problem i bought a rca lyr model rd2765a and it stops working and i try to rech the people form rca and they havent respond me they suck ass and this mp3 tooo

  11. Comment by Jessica:

    Hello, I had the same ‘file system corrupted’, I fixed it though. Also, it is not a good idea to download music online, that is probably a virus from limewire or some of the sort.

  12. Comment by david:

    tysm man!!! the reset thing helped me with my ipod i had the corruption error 2 =( and when i saw it on there i had 2 try it. and it worked! so once again tysm!!!

  13. Comment by Anon:

    Hey don’t know if this is just dumb luck or what but after reading everything I could find I finally just got sick of it and held down the joystick and the M (menu button) and it came right up. I’m using Windows XP BTW

  14. Comment by Anon:

    Sorry also meant to say I held those down while plugging in the USB

  15. Comment by Mark:

    My girlfriend got this peice of shit for christmas. as first i liked it, worked well and was pretty easy to navigate…she had been wanting an mp3 player for years and after having it for like 2 weeks i get this bullshit message. and to add insult to injury theres a stupid little “this product has been refurbished” sticker behind it…doesnt “refurbished” mean it was broken and they fixed it? this is lame…if anyone finds any XP solutions please email me :

  16. Comment by TinSoldier:

    Interesting Anon, i have a HC106A 6G Lyra. My problem so far is the “My selections” wont work, it tells me that it they are there but they dont show up on the menus, if a re-add a selection it says its already there ?. Clearing them dosent change anything, nor does rebooting.

    I tried you joystick+M button trick, my unit went into charging mode only,it didnt load into winXP as a drive as normal, so now im waiting to see what comes of this, i thought the battery was charged before doing your button trick so now im wondering what its doing. I hope this didnt erase anything or did a complete reset ie shorting out the battery and reformatting/resetting to factory state ( kind of like rebooting your computers BIOS to factory specks ) We’ll see what happens cause its been 5 minutes so far and its still charging…….

  17. Comment by admin:

    It looks like RCA has put out a firmware update:

    That may be of some use.

  18. Comment by shawn:

    this RCA 2765A file corrupt is BS – no fix and this model is not even listed on RCA’s support page. I think I’m going to go head-but the salesperson who talked me in to buying it – then cram this piece of crap up his wazzoooooooo

  19. Comment by Yesenia:

    Well i got a RCA Lyra Rd2762 and it was working fine until i started to say “File System Corruption”. I tried calling the
    company and they wanted me to send the mp3 to 1 place and the $$ to another. It was just gay so I didn’t do it. Then I tried
    looking @ their website and nothing comes up. Then I came to this website and did the lil button trick and it doesnt’ say File System Corruption ne morebut it won’t my Window XP can’t seem to find it. Right now it is chargin the battery and it said connecting and that I’m able to disconnect it. but yet i can’t delet all the music i had on it b4 and it is just confusing me
    so if ne1 knows how to fix this please email me @

  20. Comment by Candace:

    My son purchased a rca rd2762a player for his birthday. He spent 190.00 on this thing and we keep getting the same error. After finally getting a number to contact them they tell us we there has been a known issue with these and we will have to pay 49.99 to get a replacement!! I cant believe this! I have tried to reset this thing and it still will not work!

  21. Comment by Keeps:

    I purchases in January an RCA Lyra TC1501B and it worked for about a month. Upon turning it on, the RCA logo just flashes and thats it. I had files on it and now I can’t even access them through PC. Reset does nothing and I do not know how to reboot or reformat this unit. Their website has to the most confusing place on earth. Do they have a support number to call before I ship this thing off and wait? I cannot find one anywhere, its nuts.

    thank you

  22. Comment by Brett:

    I got the RCAH115A and for about 3 months it was completly fine then out of no where it just says file sytem corrupted.. i tried customer servuce but they are a bunch of idiots..all in all this thing is a piece of shit dont waste ur money

  23. Comment by Anonymous:

    I am getting the following message when i start mine up “Decrypt Error” can anyone help me with a solution to this message????

  24. Comment by LYRASS:

    RCA mc2501a 1 gig with FM tuner, voice recorder and mp3

    was fine. i filled the memory.
    now it isn’t recognised by OSX, anymore.
    it shows up in the system profiler, but not on the desktop.

    i’ve had it for about a month.


    i trusted RCA(to only sell quality).

    that’s way in the rear view mirror, now.

    if i manage to fix it, i’ll spread the cure i find around.


  25. Comment by Anonymous:

    My mp3 is saying file corrupted every time turn it on and doesn’t let me go on to the computer either what do i do. please help me.

  26. Comment by Tino:

    After all upgrade files have transferred to the player,


    1. Safely stop the Lyra jukebox from the system if your version of Windows requires this.
    2. Power off the Lyra jukebox and disconnect the USB cable.
    3. While Pressing and Holding the M button, connect the AC/DC power adapter or the USB cable connected to your PC to the Lyra jukebox. The Lyra jukebox will automatically power on and the upgrade process will automatically start. The M button may be released once the display reads “Upgrade …”.

    WARNING: DO NOT DISCONNECT THE POWER ADAPTER DURING THE UPGRADE PROCESS. Removal of the power adapter during this process may cause damage to the device.

    4. The Lyra jukebox screen will read “Upgrade OK” after the upgrade process has completed. (Usually between 1-2 minutes.) When this screen is reached, power off the jukebox.

    5. Your Lyra jukebox can now be powered back on and is ready for use!

  27. Comment by Larry:

    i performed the upgrade on my lyra RD2765A and when i turn it on using the M button and plugging in the usb connector. a screen comes up and says upgrading but as soon as it starts it stops saying file system corrupted. any more info anyone. it would be much appreciated. thank you.

  28. Comment by Anonymoose:


    I pressed the ‘M’, and then it says “Loading Upgrade. . .”. I wait for a bit (still holding M) and it says “File System Corrupted!” anyway!

    I tried that even without pressing ‘M’ when it says “Loading Upgrade”, but the error persists.

    Some assistance would be nice. :(

  29. Comment by Doug:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your informative page. It was a great help to me when I replaced the defective Microdrive in my Lyra RD2762 last week.

  30. Comment by Melljoy:

    My son has a Lyra H115 & when my husband was installing Linux on his computer while the mp3 player was connected I guess it caused the system file corruption. I followed the first part of the instructions by Jason which helped alot by holding down the joystick while plugging in the USB connector. Next went to the RCA site & downloaded the instruction manual & found how to format the hard drive. Once you have the message “safe to disconnect”, go to the drive letter on your computer that your mp3 player is connected to. Double click on that drive letter & a message should pop up saying this drive is not formatted. Format it now? & just click Yes. I did this & everything is back in working order….minus all the songs on it, of course. Thanx, everyone for all your helpful advise. Hope this helps also.


  31. Comment by i hate this:

    this is crap , don’t buy it!!!!

  32. Comment by Marknmel:


    I may be stating the obvious, but I’ll give it a shot.

    If your computer can still see the device as a drive letter – format it! (set it to MSC mode (DRIVE Letter mode, rather than MTP Media Transport Protocol – hold down the joystick, and plug in the USB cable)- then just format it. Just as Jason suggests above – Linux, Windows – doesn’t matter!)

    I too purchased a lyra – a 2762a – a hard drive model – as a refurb.
    I did notice that I had strange issues with reading files sometimes, so I used “scandisk” to check the filesystem integrity. This may be a quick fix too, but if there is more serious corruption, a format may be needed. I suspect that most corruption is due to:

    1. User error – removing device while the PC “writing” to the lyra disk.
    2. Windows – General USB transport issues – loose cable, hung PC, etc.

    There is also another trick – press and hold the off button for 10 seconds, to do a system reset. I used this once when I had some odd audio behaviour – Left channel was quiet and distorted and Right was fine.

    These are pretty basic little units, that generally work pretty well. Care must be taken to:

    1. Don’t Drop ‘em – or you may be all done! Since it is a hard drive based unit.
    2. Ensure you use the “USB Device Removal Tool”, (in the system tray on modern windows systems), or “umount” the device under linux. Not sure what to do on a Mac… This will reduce/prevent the filesystem corruption issues.
    3. This is just a fat32 filesystem. You may wish to do a defrag now and then… You will save your battery a bit…

    On a side note, has anyone tried:
    1. Replacing the battery. Anyone have a part/model for this?
    2. Replacing the CF Disk with CF Flash. (I see Ron k’s comment above, and I’m interested by it…)

  33. Comment by Tish:

    I’ve tried every suggestion here and this is what my lyra says. When I plug in the usb and hold M my player says “transferring” not “upgrade”. Then it says “safe to disconnect”. As soon as I disconnect the player, up pops “file system corrupted” SUPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! What next?

  34. Comment by kayne:

    HC106A 6G Lyra

    can someone please tell me how to add songs to “my selections”
    thanks ive lost the manual

  35. Comment by kayne:

    all good thanks found the booklet online

  36. Comment by trainman:

    We had a unit giving the file system corrupt message. We disassembled and verified that the harddrive connection was properly seated.

    reassembled, turned the unit on and it worked perfectly.

    good luck

  37. Comment by Chris:

    I have a 4 gig lyra and lost the file system just like everyone else. I used the player for work trips and was quite pissed when I got the error. I ended up buying a 5 gig on ebay and have not had any problems in the year I have had it. I keep trying to get my 4 gig up, but all of the above advice has not helped and I must understand that a ebay $69.00 eBay item is more prone to failure (past experiences). To those who paid over a hundred for their player,I feel worse about the loss. Well whatever for me. I am just eating it because I need tunes for my trips as all my music is MP3. Around 52 gig of mp3′s.

    Good luck ya’ll,


  38. Comment by Andrew:

    my friend got one a lyra RD2765A and when we loaded it the first time it was ok the 2nd time we loaded in it would not let u put music on it. he is one of the ones the upgrade doesn’t fix. i was surprised the upgrade got on the player. i think it’s an XP problem. going to load an old pc with xp service pack 1 and see if i have luck.

  39. Comment by Mason:

    Ok with my LYRA RD2762B I tried to do all of the upgrade things u guys are talking about but it just says “connecting” “Transferring” and “Safe to Disconnect” but once i disconnect that stupid message just pops up “FILE SYSTEM CORRUPTED!”

    plz help

  40. Comment by Safebat:

    Bought this piece of garbage too 2762 for my daughter for Xmas about 2 yrs ago now. Worked well for near a year and then the same msg you all have on file corruption. Have some computer repair training and have disassembled and reassembled it; was considering removing the HD and trying to format via a reader/adapter for CF cards. Will try your suggestions I’ve seen in the posts above, but not very optimistic. Think the class action law suit is likely the next logical step; if there’s a known defect, as it is highlighted here, and RCA keeps cranking it out and taking folks $$, that sure sounds like “premeditation” and a total lack of concern for customers. RCA sure looks like it’s on the way down the tubes with these devices. Sad, as they have had a better reputation over the years than that. Time to send this to Clark Howard . com or call it into the show as he will sometimes attempt to assist and then will put it out on the airways of talk radio and name the culprit company. Not that the $$ is the big issue, but the principle of the issue of continuing to take folks $$ when producing a known less than quality product. Thanks for all you guys/gals help.

  41. Comment by Cliff:

    yeah, i just called them hoes and played dumb and they’re sending me some
    sort of letter of acceptance and a pre-paid shipping label so they’re gonna send me a new one, so i figure i can still get new ones when mine shit out, untill file with the better business bureau.

  42. Comment by That guy:

    This thig is the biggest piece of doo. but after reading alot of the comments around the web mine lasted longer than most. I have the unfortunate pleasure of owning ard2765a modle complete with the file system corrupt! Error it sounds like there is no help out there. Anyone up for a goo old fasioned lynching?

  43. Comment by Alex:

    Alright i had the same problem but i didnt have linux, i was running xp. all you have to do is hold the joystick down while plugging it in when it says “safe to shutdown” or whatever, go to my computer right click on the removable drive thats there and hit format, just hit ok in the window that pops up and wait, once the format is done, your good to go :D . thx jason, this really helped me out.
    P.S. if you right click on the drive and there is no format option, then double click on it and a thing should pop up asking if you want to format it.
    P.S.S. if you double click and it doesnt open up the “would you like to format?” thing then open up your command prompt, and type in
    and hit enter
    fdisk or format
    then follow the onscreen instructions

  44. Comment by Anonymoose:

    just buy i new mp4 player….

  45. Comment by Michael:

    I got the “File System currupted!” too I tried pressing the joystick button when it was plugged in with the usb but nothing happened I held it there for like 5 minutes and nothing changed… Can anyone help I’m lost without my music…

  46. Comment by Guest:

    I just bought this item today and had the same problem! JUST GOT IT! BUT! i fixed it! Open it up there will be a hardrive take the hard drive out by lifting a little black flap where it connects and reconnect it it has to be reconnected the right way so take ur time make sure ur doing it right then when u reconnect it there is a very small black flap where u connected it psh that down tight! It worked for me :)

  47. Comment by MorBid:

    Ok, i went through alot trying to fix this thing. I tried all the stuff said here and nothing worked, so i just gave up and opened the case. I had a ideal the hard drive was dead, because it was not clicking at all. So after opening the case all look well, but as soon as i moved the hard drive the cable slip right out. I reinserted the cable push the black tab down to lock it in. Well what do you know, it fired right up, and works great, if not better. The one i have is a rd2762b, so you really have nothing to lose if you cant get another one. Just open it up, i bet alot of you alls have the same problem. Just take out the screw under the sliver tag at the bottom and slid the back off thats it. I hope this helps some of you out, as you all have helped me out many times before.

    Astod A.

  48. Comment by Michael:

    Could you possibly explain those steps as if I were a baby I have no Idea what your trying to say… after plug it in and hold the M button and the joystick down… explain this a little more clearly so I can fix it… thanks

  49. Comment by sebastian:

    i bought the same lyra fucking “ipod” 4g, it just worked for a month, !!!! im so dissapointed.. i live in mexico, then i could not return it! the screen just flashes… and it says profile the contents, after that i profile the contents, but still does not work..
    if someone knows how to make work this shit.. please, i´ll be grateful

  50. Comment by AmadeoV:

    I actually fixed this!!! Mine had been giving me the “file system corrupted” error. So, I opened it up (unscrew the screw on the back, pry the back cover off with a small flat head screwdriver or a key, etc.) and saw that the connector between the CF drive and the motherboard had come apart.

    I re-inserted the cable into the groove of the connector on the motherboard, pushed the broken/separated piece of plastic that serves as a retainer for the cable back down, held it in place, and taped it down with a 1/4 inch wide strip of duct tape (taped all the way around the connector/cable to help keep it in). I put the Lyra back together and then turned it on… and it WORKED! It came right on into the normal menu! Yay!

    Good luck other people, I hope that this is the same thing that happened to your player and that you can also fix it! =)

  51. Comment by Ellie:

    Bloody Hell!!! the RD2762B sucks! rca’s pathetic. does anyone know how to fix a “File System currupted”???

  52. Comment by Erin:

    I am seeing a LOT of the same problem I am having. Out of nowhere, my RCA MPs player says “File System Corrupted”, and of course it is just after the 1-year warrenty is up… Now I am trying to fix it usimg some of the suggestions here, but my computer won’t even pick it up. I can not access the thing to format it. I’ve tried holding the reset button, but that doesnt do anythign either! Any other suggestions before I throw it against the wall?!?!?!?!

  53. Comment by Vern:

    My computer system was stolen, and my firmware for the 2762a was in the software box when taken. I have been trying to find the replacement program to update files on my little rca. I am not finding a very simple item

    Thanks for any links or help


  54. Comment by C.J.:

    How do you “reconnect” the harddrive cable?

  55. Comment by RENEE:


  56. Comment by Zak:

    I own a RCA Mp3 player. i dont know what kind it is, and I cant find it on RCA ‘s websit. Its almost as big as a ipod video(not the mini version* its got a black wheele and its grey. My friend gave it to me saying it wouldnt work.


    I know im complaining like everyone else…But does anyone have this kind? Its a 5 gig one too. I really want to make this thing work again.

  57. Comment by Bree:

    Yes I have tried all of your suggestions none worked for me and I even called the company and they were no help. This is f$@*ing RETARDED. I will be contacting that lawyer and get my money back and then some.

  58. Comment by JD:

    I was just having the same problem with the “system corrupted” thing on an RCA RD2762A, but I was able to fix it. I was due to a loose cable between the hard drive and the motherboard. This may not fix all situations, but if you’ve tried reformatting and nothing is working, here’s an option for you. You can open the case and check the hard drive for loose wiring, and here’s a step by step process.
    1) There is a silver label on the back near the bottom which has a UPC code on it. Peel back the label and you will see a single small screw.
    2) unscrew the screw and then remove the back plate by sliding it sideways.
    3) pull the battery out a little bit to allow more space to see the hard drive connection, but do not remove the wiring that connects it to the unit.
    4) The hard drive has a wide gold-colored strip that connects it to the main unit. There is a bridge that covers the connection between the gold strip and the actual motherboard (the long green thing that the battery and hard drive are sitting on top of). If you slide the hard drive out of place and remove the gold strip out from under the bridge, you can make sure there is nothing actually fried on the strip. Then, you can plug the strip back into the bridge, making sure that it secures totally and plugs all the way in.
    5) Once this is complete, just place the hard drive and battery back in place, put the back cover back on, screw it in, and then find out if that’s fixed anything.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps some of you.

  59. Comment by Keith:

    Thanks a ton man, really helpful, my wife was so happy when I got hers working again, cheers. Keith

  60. Comment by Brock:

    You guys rock! After trying everything to get this piece of crap to work, I bit the bullet and removed the back, pulled out the battery and the wiggled the cable to the hard drive. WOW the thing turned right on.
    Thanks so much for the help!!!!!!

  61. Comment by Mitchell:

    Thanks much my man, you just rescued my 6 year old mp3 player from the clutches of hell (my hammer). i know this thing still has a wee bit of life it yet. Peace and love,


  62. Comment by Doug:

    First of all, many thanks to Jason for a great help page on the Lyra RD2762. I have two of these and one of them just died for the third time.

    The hard drives almost seem to have an expiration date built into them. The last time it happened, I bought two Hitachi 4 GB drives and (gently) put one aside for future use. When the first replacement drive failed last week, I installed the second one, which died a day later.

    Instead of buying yet another over-priced Hitachi CF drive, I took a chance and bought a CF to SD adapter off eBay along with a 4 GB Micro SD card and a SD adapter.

    Although it did not work, giving the dreaded ‘File System Corrupted’ error; I took a chance and put a standard 8 GB SD card I had into the adapter and tried loading the 3.60 update software into the player.

    And it worked! WOO-HOO!!!

    Furthermore, my old 4 GB RD2762 player now says it has 8GB of storage and the battery lasts a lot longer than it did with the old Hitachi Drive. I suspect that either the micro SD card was too slow or it didn’t work because I had to use two adapters (CF to SD and SD to Micro SD).

    I’m now ordering a second CF to SD adapter for my other RD2762 player (before it dies as well) and I’m tempted to buy a 16 or 32 GB SD card just to see how large a drive I can get this player to use.

    Thanks again, Jason!

  63. Comment by un needed:

    mine says file system i pushed menu but nothing and i am trying to record a song and i miss my metallica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Comment by Sammy:

    Ok I took mine apart…Got to the memory card looking think took it out then plugged it back in… I held the menu button and the joystick down and plugged it up…Then I went and open the folders on my computer and deleted everything…Its working fine at the momen…Knock on wood.

  65. Comment by Vincent R. Singer:

    Tried in the past to upgrade my RD2762A (4Gb Microdrive) to 8Gb 133X CF card, with no success. Will try procedure outlined above. However – after 3 years my Li-Po battery was starting to lose capacity, was down to 40 minutes on a full charge. Today, went to local “Batteries +” type store, bought replacement “Video Game” battery ($29.99, $32.50 w/tax), soldered it in, seems to be charging at this time. We’ll see how charge holds out.

    Battery used is Dantona Industries GBASP-4LIP (UPC=28286-57295)- slightly smaller, with wires and 2-pin connector. Cut connector off replacement battery, cut wire on existing battery as close as possible to where they connected to old battery. Stripped wire, soldered together – red wire to red wire, black wire to black wire. Re-assembled unit, plugged in to charge. No smoke, heat, or explosion yet. Will try another attempt at 8Gb upgrade as soon as I get an opportunity.

    My player has worked fine from day one, when I bought it for about $80.00 at K-mart at a Black Friday sale. Hitachi 4Gb MD works way better than sloooow 5Gb Seagate knock-off in a Rave mp3 player I scrapped. Guess I must have gotten lucky.

    I recently bought a number of different mp3 players to give as Christmas gifts. None feel as substantial as this RCA that I’ve had for 3 years now. However – none of my recent purchases cost over $25.00, and almost all have very nice color displays.

  66. Comment by

    my rca lyra also has the system file is corrupt ive tried whatyou said to do but it didnt work :( thanks fr trying

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