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Right now I am sitting in the B concourse of Chicago O’Hare airport. The next two flights to Pittsburg have been canceled, so I am going to be late to my corporate eBusiness summit meeting.

If I was not headed here, I would have to be at work responding to an internal audit for SOX compliance, so I guess things are not all bad ;)

Where I would rather be is with Marco and crew in Toronto at the PHP|Works conference. I am sad to miss the chance to hobnob with my PHP buddies :(

Another interesting conference coming up is the DC PHP conference in Oct. It looks like many of the familiar PHP faces will be around there as well.

If you are in the UK, perhaps we can hook up at the October PHP London meeting, I am on a business trip to the UK and was able to schedule it to attend this as well.

As I have mentioned before, there are many benefits to attending PHP conferences and meetings. Get involved, learn something new, and maybe I will see you there!


  1. Comment by mcgruff:

    Hi Jason

    Would have been good to meet you – and Marcus – at PhpLondon but it won’t possible for me to attend. Glasgow has its advantages (like Glen Coe just up the road but I’m definitely missing out :(


  2. Comment by Paul M. Jones:

    Would have been great to see you here; sorry you couldn’t attend. :-(

  3. Comment by Nigel James:

    Hey Jason, looking forward to meeting you in October. I am going to be at PHP London and I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing your presentation. I am learning lots from this group and heartily second your stance on them.

  4. Comment by Jacopo:

    See you in London then! ;) ciao!

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