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I had a chance to summarize many of the projects I worked on this summer in a single photograph.

Books on chair

The biggest thing is the hardcopy versions of my book finally arrived! After nearly a year of nightly toil, it is quite a relief and satisfaction to hold them in your hand.

The books are resting on a ZCE tee shirt I won in a contest filling out a survey regarding the certification process. I’ll give you three guesses what shirt I will bring to the next PHP conference I attend (and the first two guesses don’t count). I passed the ZCE test at the php|tropics conference, so the shirt feels like a reminder of the efforts which culminated in my presentations there.

Lastly, this picture was taking in our three seasons room. After six years of staring at 2×4 framing, I finally decided to finish off this room. Earlier this summer I pulled runs of Coax and Cat5 to receptacles at the outer corners of the room (and wired in an outdoor GFI outlet on our deck), then insulated and dry walled the room. As you can see from the picture, I still have yet to finish the first round of taping and mudding.


  1. Comment by Mike Vincent:

    Having recently gone through a literal ton (more than 50 ~50# boxes) of mud myself while building our new house, I’ve gained much appreciation for those that do it well.

    Having spent a good number of years developing solutions in PHP, I’ve gained a real appreciation for those that do it well.

    I’ve always appreciated what you’ve brought to the community.


  2. Comment by Paul M. Jones:

    Hey, Jason — it’s always nice to have a physical representation of the fruits of one’s labor. Well done. :-)

  3. Comment by Matthew Weier O'Phinney:

    You’ve certainly been busy this summer! Congrats on the book — I look forward to reading it, particularly after your presentation at php|Tropics. And I’ll try not to wear my matching ZCE shirt if I see you at any upcoming conferences.

    Nice work on the three seasons room. As someone who’s been doing a lot of work around the house lately, I can imagine what a sense of accomplishment it is — now, go grab that laptop, sit down, and enjoy it!

  4. Comment by Eddie Peloke:

    Hey Jason, nice work. We just finished some project here also, put down some ceramic tile in a few rooms, painting etc. A few years back we worked on a small play house for my daughter and putting up the sheet rock and mudding was a pain in the neck!

    Also, nice shirt, I wonder if Zend will ever sell those…I didn’t win one ;(.

    Lastly, cool book, I am actually reading it now. What tool are you using for your UML diagrams?

    Again, nice work!


  5. Comment by Jason:

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.

    @Mike- You have to appreciate people who do an adequate job of mudding for my handywork ;)

    @Matthew- I have to finish it before I can enjoy it.

    @Eddie- Yes, mudding is a pain, especially around 10 windows and two glass doors :(
    Regarding the UML, I used dia to create them. Interestingly, I actually used a cygwin version of it, so I was running it on my Windows XP notebook.



  6. Comment by Dmitry Smirnov:

    Dear Jason,

    Just want to thank you for the book about Design Patterns. It was very interesting to read and it was valuable to use on practice.

    Thank you.

  7. Comment by Sydney:

    Great book buddy. Well done.

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