The Wait is Finally Over

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It is official, I am now a Zend Ceritified Engineer. To quote my notification:

Dear Jason Sweat,

Congratulations on passing the Zend PHP Certification exam!

As a Zend Certified Engineer you are now among an elite group that leads the
growth of PHP.

Now I should figure out how to work this logo into my WordPress theme ;)
ZCE Logo

I took the exam one morning during the php|tropics conference. There was a recent thread on SitePoint where I mentioned what I thought about the exam itself (my post is #46). Many thanks to Marco for footing the bill for the exam.

Looks like Paul read his email before me and got “first post” in the blogosphere from the newly minted php|tropics ZCEs.


  1. Comment by Jim Plush:

    congrats Jason!
    welcome to the club ;)

  2. Comment by Paul M. Jones:

    Congrats dude! :-)

  3. Comment by enygma:

    Congrats man! Welcome to the club! (yes, I passed when I took it at php|tropics too! woo!)

  4. Comment by Eddie Peloke:

    Congratulations Jason! It is good to see the ‘club’ membership growing.

  5. Comment by Andi Gutmans:

    Congrats! Welcome to the club.

  6. Comment by Daniel Kushner:

    Great to have you in the gang Jason !!

  7. Comment by Amit Gupta:

    Congrats Jason!! I can’t say “welcome to the club” but you’ll be able to say that to me!! ;)

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