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The book is getting closer. Yesterday we had an official announcement on the php|architect website, which pointed to the order page. It looks like Marco is giving a 10% preorder discount, so everyone should order 10 copies today, and effectively get a free copy. ;)

I would have also emphasized unit testing in the blurb. While there are a few PHP books out there which have chapters or sections on unit testing, I don’t believe there is any other book which emphasizes the practice as much as I have. Unit tests are not only present in the code download for each chapter, but are integral to the explanations in each chapter as well. Many times when I present examples of working code, it is within the context of a unit test. I also tried to explain the basics of Test Driven Development, and have a few examples shown using TDD iterations.

The Adapter chapter is off to layout so we are down to the last few chapters! I am really looking forward to holding the dead tree edition :)


  1. Comment by Chris Padfield:

    Just ordered – looking forward to the book. I have an 8 hour flight a few days after it is released so hope the PDF version is on time :)

  2. Comment by Ammar Ibrahim:

    Thumbs up dude :) I always had to read Java book when it comes to patterns. I’m gonna order your book.

    Cheerz bud, and keep up the good work.

  3. Comment by Norbert Mocsnik:

    Any chance to order a signed copy? ;)

    Congrats for finishing the book, it can’t be easy!..

  4. Comment by Tarique Sani:

    Yay!! pre-ordered it yesterday :)

  5. Comment by GWild:

    This is good news. I’ve had this on pre-order for quite a while now, and I’m looking forward to reading this.

    Congrats btw.

  6. Comment by Tarique Sani:

    Any news on this one? I wrote to php|arch and all I got was a Ticket number :(

  7. Comment by Anonymous:

    congrats mate! Fine job and fine site!

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