New Job

Today the announcement came out at work regarding my promotion. I am now the eBusiness Manager for Alcoa Mill Products. My friend Robert Yoerger, was promoted from eBusiness Manager to Director / Customer Service, Demand Planning and eCommerce for AMP North America, and I am officially departing my IT role of Senior Project Leader to fill his vacated position as well as report to him.

This role is a gentle change from an IT role to a business role. I have always “over functioned” a bit in my IT role to assist in defining business process. Now my role explicitly demands this. I essentially have become my own customer. I still have two contractors reporting to me with strong SQL and Siebel skills (as well as developing PHP/web skills), and in addition, the eBusiness Marketing Staff Assisting will also report to me.

The biggest tasks on my plate this year are the need to upgrade our current version of Siebel CRM, and to maintain all of our existing commercial systems while we deploy a new Oracle order management solution at our largest facility. In the meanwhile, I also need to make sure our newly deployed Gentoo Linux intranet web server meets our internal audit standards and is SOX compliant.