Yummy, Yummy, del.icio.us

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to play with del.icio.us. My del.icio.us page is here. For anyone who is as slow and behind the times as me, del.icio.us is a public bookmark storage mechanism. As you bookmark pages, you can catagorize them into as many sections as you wish, and then can easily lookup those groups of links in your own list…or see what other people have bookmark in the same catagory on their lists.

To me, this seems to lead to a much more directed exploration than random browsing from google hits. The central idea is these are links that someone else has already felt there is enough merit to save and come back to again later.

In addition, I have re-discovered some old friends via common links. I found my friend Boots who had a facinating page on Quantum Mechanics. This is an interesting bit of seredipity, as I had recently asked one of my friends who is a Physics major for just such a summary, as I wanted to use some Quantum Chromodynamics Rules as the basis for “business logic” in a PHP article I was writing.