Tan, Rested and Ready

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Back from a weeks vacation in Acapulco…

Acapulco sunset ride with the kids
Family at the Mexican Fiesta!

and there is a lot on the table to look at…

  • The usual catch-up at work
  • Continued writing on my in-progress book (actually managed to finish a chapter on vacation!)
  • Marcus released some interesting object persistence code here to the public domain.
  • WACT had release 0.2a!!!
  • Marco has something new and warm in the works…
  • It looks like someone hacked my WordPress instance…need to figure out what is up with that :(

A week without the Internet is good for the soul, but bad for keeping current :)


  1. Comment by Andrew van der Stock:

    I see you have WACT up as a favored MVC framework. Your examples in your articles use phrame. How do you think the two compare?


  2. Comment by Jason:

    Hi Andrew,

    Phrame is basically a port of the Struts framework from Java. If gives your application a consistant entry point and a dispatch mechanism. From the perspective of this need, it is great. I have quite a number of applications at work based on Phrame, and obviously, you saw the articles I wrote using it as the basis. Phrame answered the “C” portion of MVC.

    WACT is a bit more encompasing framework. I began moving towards it when I saw the potential of the component based framework. In particular, I wrote the component for WACT which cleanly transforms a data set into an HTML table. Both Phrame and WACT are OOP, but WACT has a better focus on the use of Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Design Patterns. WACT’s controller architecture has evolved twice since I joined the project, but has stablized recently on a Composite structure which is very flexible. WACT has pieces of the framework which address all of the Model, View and Controller pieces of MVC. As an example, because the framework is better coupled, it has a built in FormController, which you can attach rules to perform form validation.


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