php|works has arrived!

The php|works conference in Toronto is officially underway. They have WIFI access from the atrium (and from my room, since if faces into the hotel :) ). Tested it out from the conference rooms as well, so all is good with internet connectivity.

Looks like a very good line up of speakers. Went out to dinner with a few of the other speakers last night and had a number of engaging conversations ranging from trends in rich client-side applications to baby care techniques (seems like there are quite a few new PHP fathers, and I abandon my wife at home with a two year old with 103 degree temp :( ).

My presentations are tomorrow at 2:00—Documenting Source Code—and Friday at 9:45—PHP and Oracle. Both of them are of course biased towards my perspective of using PHP in an enterprise development environment.

Hope to see you there. Drop by and see me if you are here.