We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Login

Wired recently published an article regarding users avoiding site registrations by providing fake data, or using a shared login (a technique which is apparently being facilitated by bugmenot.com).

My own users balk at having to sign on, hence the posts below regarding using NTLM authentication as the primary means of identifying the user. We have a major initiative going on at work deploying a package that is a network of software modules. They use a “Single Sign On” (that mostly works, except for these modules…oh, and since you’re a developer, you will be needing these other four ids :roll:). Since this “Single Sign On” is completely distinct from the NT User that each person must log into their PC with, I have started to refer to it as the “Second Sign On” 😀

My own personal technique has changed since I rebuilt my home server. Since I now run qmail, I simply set up an alias (usually the site’s name@my domain) to give them. If they sell it 👿 and the alias starts to attract spam, I will just delete it :).

Regarding the original articles premise, what ever happened to just dropping a cookie to track usage?